Ringo sup?

I am not a person

I am not a person, I am a place
A place where you live in harmony
In romance, in ecstasy
Where love is sleeping on the crevice of your neck
Or in the next room awaiting your embrace

I make you feel things that aren't returned
I make you imagine things that aren't real
Some philosophers even question if I am real
I persist to make your dreams reality
I intertwine your ambitions with your feelings

But I am also a place of destruction
Destroying your self-worth, self-awareness
I am the deity of anxiety, insecurity
I dictate your darkest emotions
Your somber brooding

I can make you feel alive and I'll make you feel more than dead
I can make you feel anger and hate
I can bring back memories of sweet love and innocence
And make you believe it was all a lie, an illusion
That you will never be loved, only used

I am your goddess, your demon
I am your ecstasy, your depressive disorder
I am your wit, your dummy
I am your healer, your torment
I am your Mind, your only mind