Ringo sup?

I am not a person

I am not a person, I am a place
A place where you live in harmony
In romance, in ecstasy
Where love is sleeping on the crevice of your neck
Or in the next room awaiting your embrace

I make you feel things that aren't returned
I make you imagine things that aren't real
Some philosophers even question if I am real
I persist to make your dreams reality
I intertwine your ambitions with your feelings

But I am also a place of destruction
Destroying your self-worth, self-awareness
I am the deity of anxiety, insecurity
I dictate your darkest emotions
Your somber brooding

I can make you feel alive and I'll make you feel more than dead
I can make you feel anger and hate
I can bring back memories of sweet love and innocence
And make you believe it was all a lie, an illusion
That you will never be loved, only used

I am your goddess, your demon
I am your ecstasy, your depressive disorder
I am your wit, your dummy
I am your healer, your torment
I am your Mind, your only mind
Ringo sup?

Your Mind

Your mind is your worst enemy,
A She-devil
She will make you think, feel, believe
Sometimes the most grotesque
Thoughts, emotions, ideas
And have you believe them to be real

But oftentimes she is also your only ally, your goddess
Of ideas, goodwill and love
She'll have you thinking beyond dangerous cliffs
That you can create a world of no suffering
That you can feel the emotions of a forest
That you can believe life begins from a kiss

All such impractical thoughts
When reviewed by an observer
None of those can be implemented in reality, they say
But she will have you think differently
Whether she is right or wrong
Or whether she feels loving or inhumane

She is insane.
She doesn't know how to bring you back to reality
She is stuck, there is no median
No moderate scale of comfort or discomfort
There is either ugly self-torment
Or unrealistic ecstasy

Both fade quickly
Into an endless sea of emptiness
The only thing that remains
Is a barren feeling
Just her own apathy
And then the cycle repeats
Ringo sup?

Writer's Block: Obama drama

How do you think President Obama is doing so far? If you're an American citizen, would you vote the same way (whether for or against)? If you're not, what's your take on Obama's performance? Did his State of the Union address sway your opinion in any way?

I don't know about Obama anymore.  He seems to make a lot of promises that would only work in an idealistic world...but then again, that's how most politicians are.  And he's extremely moderate...unlike how his campaign AND the Republican campaign made him out to be.
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Angry Conzie

I'll Miss You, Conan!

Don't fret, Conan, you'll come back one day
As will your staff and the Max Weinberg 7, damn straight
Andy'll be at your side just like old times
And so will the Masturbating Bear, Triumph and Vomiting Kermit alright
You may not, however, be hosting the Tonight Show it seems
They did the same to Letterman, but he got the Late Show, so fuck NBC
Ever since Carson left, Leno and that rainbow peacock have been bedding each other for years
But when you get your own REAL show, wherever that may be
Your ratings through the roof, will cock-block those suckers and you will forever be freeeee
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